Culture vs Commerce

By April 13, 2018 No Comments

What does this mean for you? For me, it means prioritising my cultural values & beliefs, before money. It means prioritising people before profits. It means sharing as much of my knowledge and experience with as many of our people as possible, for nothing in return.

Dont get me wrong, I’d love to make some money to pay some bills (and maybe even pay myself!). But thats not always first on my radar as CEO of this business, in fact its quite far down the list. I’m in this gig because I’m very passionate about Maori storytelling (go check for yourself at The reason I’m so passionate is because I believe in the power of our stories as an enabling and empowering device for our tamariki (I’ve seen it first hand many times at our storytelling events, the connection between storyteller and the kids is a golden moment). I therefore place a very high importance on our oral traditions and the integral part it plays in transferring knowledge, history and information to the next generation. I want my kids, and grand kids to know the stories that link them to our whenua, marae, hapu & Iwi. I want our narratives to be strong in the minds of our future generations, to provide cultural context and a strong historical foundation that supports positive self worth, self reflection and self importance.

If we can play a small part in maintaining the knowledge link between our tupuna and our tamariki, through the revitalisation and sharing of our stories, the reward of doing so far outweighs any amount of commercial gain. In my honest & humble opinion 😎

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